Better Project Management

Modern and secure project management and communication tool. Only you can access your data!

Communicate in style

Specifically: in social networking style. This will keep all the communication neatly organized, each topic in their own post and thread.

Projects, tasks, calendar, files

On the uppermost level, you can create projects while tasks and files come beneath them. You can move tasks between projects.

See tasks in a calendar for an easy overview.

Invite your clients to specific projects to show the status of the project.


All your data (messages, tasks, files, etc.) is encrypted with your password and AES-256. Only you (and your teammates) can access your data.

Don't lose your password! If you lose it, there is no "forgot password" feature, because even we can't access your data when it's stored at-rest.

There is also a two-factor authentication for extra security.


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