Ilkka Huotari, Founder of

Demo/proof of our encryption method

May 18th 2018, 7:38 pm

We have been saying our encryption method is one thing that sets us apart from the most other project management tools, but so far it has been just words. How can you actually know it is working the way we say?

Here is a short video to illustrate the point. It will show that certain text fields will not be present in plain text in the database. Those fields that are deemed as the most important in terms of privacy, will be strongly encrypted with user’s own key (password). In the end of the video there will also be shown a text field that is less important in terms of privacy, and it will be present in plain text. This last plain text field will act as a proof that we are indeed testing the correct database here all along.

What we actually do here is enter the text “hello” into posts, comments and tasks. What you see then is that when we dump the database and search for this text, it is nowhere to be found. In the end you will see the plain text field that should be there.

Hopefully this proves at least some extent (until there is a 3rd part audit), that our encryption method works.